Wolf and 3 pigs

Unfinished drawing and first designs of the characters (2019).

The Three Belittling Pigs is a parody of The Three Little Pigs story.

It stars three brothers who leave their maternal home to build a place of their own. The materials they respectively choose have little bearing to this story, as it revolves around their fearless and sexually charged relationship with the wolf.

The original story ended with the wisest brother being the sole survivor/victor, which is here translated into his eventual success at winning her over as his girlfriend.

Artwork was first drawn on ‎July 28, 2019, but never released. The reboot has not yet made an online appearance.


Three brothers, Hayden, Elwood, and Winstone, are deemed ready by their mother to start their independent lives, and head out to look for a place to settle down. They think about the life they've lived as children and wonder if they wish to surpass it or replicate it.

The youngest, Hayden, thinks little possessions will give little stress and doesn't mind keeping it simple, though the other two know he's just too lazy to put in the effort.
The second, Elwood, has a more balanced, yet traditionalist opinion, and thinks their old maternal home is the example they should follow and there's no reason to work harder than is necessary.
The eldest, Winstone, is surprised to learn the two aren't motivated by their adult freedom, and insists they should do whatever they can to reach ultimate comfort and safety.

They find a plot of land and start building their separate houses. Hayden steals rope and a few bales of hay from a nearby farm and deems his home done within 15 minutes. Elwood steals an axe from a nearby lumberjack station, cuts down many of the young trees in the area, and finishes his home in a week. Winstone works a few jobs to earn himself money for tools and mixes his own bricks and cement, finishing his home in a relatively speedy 2 months, while keeping a routine of renovating and saving up for additional furniture.

The three buildings are a strange sight next to each other and spawns talk amongst the other animals. It reaches the infamous wolf, who goes out to find the pigs, if only because they're her favourite food and the three-man village is an easy target. She finds them already waiting for her with a strange eagerness and start competing for her attention, making it clear they wish to court her.

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The wolf, Huffy, returns every day to try and kill at least one of them, but always misses her target, gets distracted, or another situation happens that saves her prey. Whenever she skips a day or doesn't show up "in time", the brothers go look for her themselves, thus not a day passes where she isn't harassed. She becomes so fixated on getting them, she begins to slowly starve and goes down a couple ranks within her pack for failing to bring home food.
Winstone picks up on this and tries to share his lunch with her often, but it insults Huffy, who believes his pity is the same as making fun of her.

When she convinces herself the pigs might be too dumb to understand her physical hostility, she decides to speak and be more direct with her intentions of eating them. Nevertheless, her words always get twisted into perverted jokes.
Their evasion skills and teasing make Huffy unsure about her capabilities as a hunter. She edges on feelings of defeatism whenever her attempts have again been unfruitful, allowing for the brothers to keep coming closer with more ways to try and swoon her. Winstone's further attempts at cheering her up are still not appreciated.

One day, Huffy gets a scolding from her father and she reflects on her past strategies. She considers humiliating herself by separating the brothers with false romantic interest, but settles with targeting Winstone, who's already been visiting her by himself for the past few weeks.
Since he doesn't care about how she conducts herself, she openly announces she came to kill him. He doubts she's serious, as she's had plenty of opportunities before. Huffy argues he's only visited her when she was weakened and at her lowest, but today is different.

The conversation shifts to the dumb luck and behaviour of the pigs; like their courting of a wolf and futile attempt of acting human. Winstone then strips down as to give her what she wants, catching her off-guard, then takes off on all fours and lets her chase him down like they're regular animals. He manages to outsmart her, causing Huffy to get injured and feeling even more angry and embarrassed.
When he comes to check on her, she lunges at him in a blind rage, but in the end lets him carry her back to his house, where she's laid to rest and nursed with needed food and medicine she wouldn't have gotten back home.

From the bed, Huffy watches how Winstone not only serves her, but also works for his own needs and that of his younger siblings continuously begging at the door. His optimism, energy, and hospitality stays unchanged throughout the day, and it annoys her.
To get pampered by an overconfident pig doesn't sit well with her, and later that night, she jumps at him while he has his hands full with her emptied dinner plates. Her twisted leg can't support her yet, though, and the overall threat is ignored by him. He helps her back to bed and Huffy's anger grows, until Winstone's upbeat expression changes upon picking up a broken picture frame holding a photo of his family that had fallen after the impact. Realizing she finally did something to make him upset, she finds it still doesn't please her.

The next day, Huffy chooses to be more vocal. Hayden and Elwood keep coming back whenever a small issue crosses their path and she calls Winstone a fool for catering to them. He answers he had to replace their absent father and take care of their mother as well, making him the only authority figure they've ever known. He says to enjoy taking care of others, but she insists he's being used.

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Hayden Little


Hayden (2020).

Hayden is the youngest brother. He is 18 years old.

He's a laid-back optimist who only puts in the effort when it concerns eating food and (board)games. He's never been angry or sad in his life and has a broad sense of humor; seemingly finding anything funny. He was spoiled the most in his youth and his mother would always give his neglected chores to Winstone, explaining his laziness, but also genuine respect for his older brother.
The absence of responsibilities made him grow up an undependable person who changes his mind on a whim, a trait Elwood deals with often and has little patience for.

He made his house out of hay, cheaply tied together with rope, but says to be content and doesn't mind having to rebuild on a weekly basis. He begged Winstone to make a nice front door for him, which is also made of hay and the only sturdy part of his house, though not bolted to anything.

Hayden is a somewhat muscular pink pig with fangs, blond curly hair, two large beauty marks on the left side of his face, and wears a white shirt with blue overalls.

Elwood Little


Elwood (2020).

Elwood is the second brother. He is 19 years old.

He appears laid-back like Hayden, but doesn't mind working a sweat if it's for his hobbies. While he's a harmless pacifist, he can be very passive aggressive, though this seems to be his sense of humor.
Favours and presents he gives to others are always as to benefit him as well. Having that said, Elwood is skillfully lazy and always finds someone to think or act for him, usually Winstone.

Elwood's house is made of small tree trunks stacked onto each other, with a thickness that was most easy for him to chop down. Winstone helped him construct the windows and front door, if only because he was making his out of wood as well and had already started.
It looks much like a forest shed, but the inside is minimalistic and the three pieces of wooden furniture give no comfort. Hayden offered to give him hay-filled pillows in exchange for a wooden house, which he obviously denied.

Elwood is a somewhat muscular pink pig with fangs, thick eyebrows, brown hair with sideburns, and wears a white blouse, dark-green pants, and a brown belt.

Winstone Little


Winstone (2020).

Winstone is the eldest brother. He is 20 years old.

After the departure of his father, he was chosen by his mostly immobile mother to help raise his siblings, even though he's only slightly older than them. He's the most knowledgeable hard worker out of the three, though never lost his jokey nature and quirks over the responsibilities pushed upon him. He's quick-witted, extremely tolerant, and has a side to him that likes to serve and take care of others, though knows his siblings are better off cleaning up their own messes now they're older.

While pigs are omnivores, Winstone has a preference for meat products and it's where he claims to get most of his energy for the day. He told and showed the wolf ham wasn't off-limits, either, and it seems to be a consistent ingredient on his lunch sandwiches.
His cannibalism is shrugged off as a joke by the story itself, at the same time, his more carnivorous tendencies is one of those details that allows him to bond with Huffy. While none of the brothers cower for her outbursts, Winstone has an unflinching approach to danger in general and puts an unearned amount of trust in her, which also ends up being important to Huffy.

He made his house out of bricks and has implemented many things that makes it look like a modern human home. The interior is equally taken care of. While his work puts his brothers to shame, there're no utterings of jealousy amongst them.

Winstone is a somewhat muscular pink pig with fangs, brown slick hair, and alternates between a sleeveless white shirt or none at all, and blue pants.

Huffy Blow


Huffy (2020).

Huffy is the villain of the story. She's in her early 20s.

She's an infamous killer with a preference for pigs and goats. The Little brothers are the first not to take her threats seriously, presenting her with a situation she doesn't know how to deal with. She's subjected to their flirting, inappropriately themed gifts, and remarks that give her no choice but to retreat and collect herself.
Comedic luck and their continued existence allows them to get to know each other, though strenuously, since Huffy doesn't respect prey animals and refuses to talk to her food, who she believes don't possess the intellect to hold conversations and only exist to die for her.

The Little brothers' adaptation of human life has been criticized by her, as walking on back legs and wearing clothes isn't (yet) the norm. In the story, the animal kingdom is divided on how to present themselves and Huffy chooses to stick to her roots and not wear clothes, which doesn't go unnoticed by the gawking brothers, even though they're the minority.
At the same time, Winstone's lack of a shirt irritates her and is a running joke.

Unlike the three brothers, she still lives with her family, which is common for wolves. They were proud of her reputation, but when she stopped bringing in food after meeting the Littles, her father expresses disappointment in her. Huffy is ashamed, but refuses to tell them the reason for her failure. None of them are aware of the Littles existence and what she's been doing.

Huffy is a tall, slender grey wolf with big yellow eyes, big ears, and poofy fur around her hips that makes it look like she has a thick tail, resembling a skirt.

Mother Little

"Mother Little" is the mother of Hayden, Elwood, and Winstone. She's nearing her 70s.

While the brothers agree to have had a nice childhood and love their mother, she's a take on the trailer trash stereotype and has sly, manipulative traits mainly Winstone had to deal with. The family was poor and she made immobile after living her youth as a human-owned pig, bred and fed for the slaughter. She constantly pitied herself and didn't want her children to leave her or become independent, until guilt washed over her and she urged them to go.

Even for a pig, she's extremely large, and has blonde messy hair with curled bangs. Unlike her sons, she didn't and can't wear clothes. They lived in a wooden cottage, presumably built by her ex-husband. Why he left has never been clarified.

Father Blow


Huffy's father (2020).

"Father Blow" is the father of Huffy. He is in his 40s.

He and his wife are the leaders of their pack, which mainly exists out of their own children. He wants for each one to excel in a particular thing, and those who fail to be useful, eat last.

After learning more about Huffy's background, Winstone concludes her father is much like his mother in the sense all good work is forgotten and made undone in their eyes when a single mistake is made. Father Blow is a critical perfectionist who doesn't shy away from making threats to underperforming family members, though always ends up calming his temper when enough time is allowed to pass.

He is an unusually large grey wolf with dark-grey manes, yellow eyes, and a huge poofy tail. Despite being an intimidating character, the forest critters Huffy torments are not familiar with him or the other wolves, as he gave his daughter the forest as her personal hunting grounds. Having that said, each one of his children have their own assigned domain.

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